We are happy to provide grooming services including baths, blow-dries, nail trims, and grooming cuts. Our groomers are happy to chat with you about any specifications desired.


We offer a variety of different grooms, so you can make sure your dog looks and feels the best. We provide an assortment of all natural shampoos and conditioners based on your dogs’ coat type and comfort.

In order to provide the best service, we do not accept walk-ins. Contact and scheduling information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Please call in advance in order to ensure we schedule enough groom time for your pet, and know we book two weeks out.

And finally, grooms can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, based on breed, size, and age. We will let you know approximately how long we think the groom will take.

Basic Bath (towel dry only)$10 – $20+
Nail Trim (clippers or drummel)$10 (increasing to $15 in March ’24)
Basic De-shedding bath$20 – $40*
Full Service Groom
– Nail Trim
– Ear Cleaning
– Deep Clean Bath
– Drying (Blow out or Towel)
– Brushing
– Haircut
Prices may vary, call for a quote.
*Prices will vary depending on size, coat type.


Grooms are offered as our schedule allows. Please call ahead to schedule yours!
Phone: (541) 929-4482