• $38 per night, per dog*
  • $35 per night, per dog for students and veterans with valid ID
  • $33 per night, per dog for older or smaller dogs, based on staff discretion
    Additional play and potty session in outdoor yard in place of one-mile forest walk

    *When boarding 3+ dogs, third dog rate is $28 per night


  • $10 Extra walks
  • $10 Nail trim with clipping and filing
  • $30+ De-shedding bath
  • $20+ Basic bath*

*Basic bath is complimentary for dogs boarding 2+ nights

  • $10 pet pick-up or delivery (Corvallis/Philomath)
  • $15 pet pick-up or delivery (Albany)

Pets are picked up in the morning between 7:00am and 7:45am and delivered in the evening between 5:45pm and 6:30 pm. This service is available for boarding, grooming, and daycare. Please call for more information.


    • 3 daily play and potty sessions in outdoor yard
    • 1 daily one-mile forest walk
      • Additional walks available at $10 per walk​
    • Up to 3 feedings per day​
      • Kibble and canned food available with no additional cost​
    • Oral and/or topical medication administration ​
      • We do not administer subcutaneous medications or vaccines​
    • 1 complimentary bath per dog when boarding 2+ nights​
      • Excessively large and/or hairy breeds will not receive complimentary baths, but may still receive baths for a fee
  • Raised cot, soft bedding, water bucket, food dish


7:00am Pet taxi picks up guests

7:00am Morning potty time in outdoor yard

8:30am Breakfast time

9:30am One-mile forest walk

12:00pm Lunch and special treat time


12:30pm Kennel cleaning and downtime

2:00pm Afternoon play and potty time in   outdoor yard

4:00pm Dinner time

5:00pm One-mile forest walk (additional charge)

5:30pm Guests leaving in pet taxi are let out in outdoor yard

5:30pm Evening play and potty time in outdoor yard

6:00pm Pet taxi leaves to drop off guests

7:00pm Lights out