Hello! We’d love to give you a tour of our facility, but it adds a lot of stress to our guests when strangers walk through our kennel. So, we took some pictures of our kennel to show you guys on here. We hope you enjoy.

Our kennel is broken up into 3 sections to minimize noise and make sure our guest aren’t overwhelmed by too many neighbors. Our front row and back row are the same size and our largest ones for families or larger dogs.

Nadia modeling our largest kennel which is approximately 4.5 feet by 10 feet

The middle section has our smallest runs 4.5 feet by 4 feet with the exception of one larger kennel as shown on the right. Smaller guests or daycare reside in these kennels.

Jack modeling our middle kennel

Our back row of kennels is the same as our front with the exception of 2 fully private kennels; as shown by Jager. We understand that not every dog enjoys the company of others so we try to give them a sight barrier

Max is modeling our one private room! We only offer this to old or very scared guests. We really try to accommodate to make sure everyone has a great stay!