We are a highly social kennel where dogs interact with each other throughout the day. This can be very difficult for dogs who are nervous or do not like the company of other dogs. We try our very hardest to make sure every dog is comfortable and enjoys their stay here, but some dogs decide we aren’t a good fit for them. Because of this we have developed some requirements to make sure we only have dogs that enjoy their time with us as their happiness is the most important.


  • We are unable to accommodate intact male dogs over the age of 9 months
    • There are NO EXCEPTIONS
  • We are unable to accommodate pets that are uncomfortable being handled by our staff
    • We do not want your pets to be unhappy in our care, and recommend other accommodations if they are not comfortable with our staff
  • We can accommodate dogs that prefer not to be around other dogs, but we are limited to 2 at a time
    • Being in the kennel surrounded by other dogs can be very frustrating for them
  • Before your dog stays with us we will need to see an updated vaccination record for Bordetella, Rabies, and DHPP
    • Flea prevention is recommended, but not required
  • Fill out our Intake Form
  • We require an Intake Assessment for all new dogs


  • Our intake assessments are designed to give us an idea if your dog is going to be comfortable staying with us
  • We offer them Monday – Thursday for free, and Friday – Sunday for $10. They are about 4 hours and we ask that they get dropped off between 8:30am and 9:30am and picked up between 12:30pm and 1:30pm
  • While your dog is here they will get to try everything we offer at the kennel. They will go for a walk, be let out in an appropriate play group, and spend a little time in their run to ensure that they are comfortable being left alone
  • During their intake we will take notes on how they did during their time here, and if all goes well they will be able to stay with us in the future!


  • We may require slightly nervous or uncertain dogs to come back for some additional daycare before they board to ensure that they are/become more comfortable here
  • We reserve the right to turn away any dog that we feel is either a danger to us or to themselves. Additionally, if a dog is excessively nervous, noisy, or all around unhappy being here
  • Some dogs may become less and less happy here as their stay goes on, so even though they pass their intake, we may not be a good fit for them
  • We are constantly assessing dogs and their well being long after their intake as dogs may change throughout time